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Valentine's Day is around the corner and there's nothing better than being in Amsterdam for celebrating this day of love. Amsterdam is considered as the most romantic city for its beautiful flowers, boat rides, restaurants, movies, and many other things to do. 


The date is incomplete without presenting flowers on Valentine's Day. If you aspire to see the rosy glow on the face of your loved one, then nothing else can match the joy of giving roses as presents. The roses bring shine and joy to both the eyes and hearts of one at the receiving end. And it is always better if you can provide even more, probably the whole bed of roses. Amsterdam possesses one such market that is one of its kind and has flowers of every and any color. It is the flower market, floating on the waters of Amsterdam, spreading fragrance all around the neighborhood for brightening up your special day with your date. It is certainly one of the best Amsterdam things to do during Valentine's. 

Walking through Amsterdam: 

There's nothing better than taking a stroll hand- in- hand, talking endlessly with your partner. The canals look mesmerizing when lit with beautiful lights. The narrow streets of Amsterdam are best explored through walking or bicycling. There are many guided tour companies, which lets the tourists see Amsterdam with the help of local guides. Some of them provide you with the free walking tour Amsterdam based on tips only. The guides speak two languages fluently, English and Spanish. It is an amazing two-hour walking journey, which allows you to see the sites like Old & New Church, The Royal Palace, Canals & Bridges, Art & Architecture, Red Light District, Golden Age, and Hidden Treasures. So don't just wait. Reserve a free walking tour. 

Dine in: 

Give a perfect touch to your date on Valentine's Day by dropping in a cozy and stylish place for dinner. Amsterdam has a plethora of places for having lavish food coupled with the perfect ambiance and good service by staff. Restaurant De Kas, & Samhound Places, Het Bosch, Wilde Zwijnen, etc. are few names that are the romantic places to be at. There is a good news for those who look for a budget- friendly hotel on Valentine's Day. Food For thought, Cafe Melba, Esquina Tapas Bar, Opus Bar and Grill, etc. are the names of the places in Amsterdam that provide food between $50- $100 per pax and the delicacies on their menu are sumptuous. I hope your dining experience will be one of the most Romantic Things to do in Amsterdam

Wedding Wonderland:

Seen the Dutch city, presented the Dutch flowers, had the food what's next? Well, next is the stylish Dutch Wedding world. The professionals give their expert advice and beauty tips at the free bridal fair that is going to be held on Sunday 19 February at Zuiderkerk (South Church). There accumulate, approximately, 40 suppliers who get together to give you tips to make your wedding a super hit affair. This wedding wonderland is a must see in Amsterdam this February, especially for those who are going to get married soon. 

A One day wedding:

Amsterdam is full of surprises and this one will certainly blow your mind. You will get to see the trailer on how a married life looks like in a day. Confused? Don't be! Yes, in a day, because this marriage and the vows lasts only a day. Wed and Walk, is probably the best way to experience a one day wedding. Do not miss this on Valentine's Day. 

Make it Large:

Every girl grows up hearing the stories of Prince Charming and Cinderella. Every girl dreams of a horse and a carriage. So, this Valentine's Day, commute on a horse carriage around the old cobblestone streets of the Dutch capital with your beloved princess for a dinner date). 

Magere Brug:

You cannot afford to miss this attraction while you visit Amsterdam on Valentine's Day. Bless yourself with an everlasting lovely relationship by stealing a kiss on this beautiful little bridge, which is over the Amstel River. This attraction is for every couple, who is deeply in love and a must see in Amsterdam. I hope the information above mentioned will help you chose the best option to take a right decision.


Come one, Come all- Enjoy the freebies in Amsterdam. Sounds like an advertisement, but, no, this is not an advertisement, but it does catch your eye. Isn't it? Trust me, it happens with everyone. Everyone loves to get hold of free things. Especially, when it comes to travelling to one of the cities of Europe, then there arises no question of giving it a miss! No one must miss this opportunity. Yes, I am talking about Amsterdam. The city offers varied freebies to its travellers. Let's have a tour of things to do in Amsterdam, where you don't have to spend a dime even.

Canal rings: Amsterdam and canal rings are synonymous to each other. These are spread across more than 100 kilometres. The number of Canals in Amsterdam exceeds as compared to that of Venice. Take a stroll down the lane and create magical memories without paying any cost. It is indeed an exciting stuff to do in Amsterdam. They look even more beautiful during the night when sparkling lights fall on the waters. The EYE film museum: The place is heaven for the movie buffs. Albeit the ticket for the temporary events are way too expensive, but their permanent exhibition held downstairs is a must watch and it doesn't cost you a bit. The Eye Film museum houses a Panorama room, which is surrounded by the visitors. It houses almost 100 scenes and movie clips, which can be browsed using control panels. In addition to this, the architecture of the museum is worth taking a look. The jagged angels and the white exterior make a visit to this museum a necessary stuff to do in Amsterdam. 

Address: - IJpromenade 1, +31 020 589 1400, Basement open every day 10am-6pm Website: - 

Flower Market: World's first floating flower market is another fragrant freebie in Amsterdam. The market is famous by its Dutch name, Bloemenmrkt, and a visit to this place is a mandatory thing to do in Amsterdam. If there is any flower in your mind, then you are bound to get the same from that market. Varied flowers fill the nearby places with the positivity and aromatic fragrances. Pay for the bouquet, but not for the rosy glow that it brought to your face. 
Address: - Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam, Netherlands, Open 9am-5.30pm 

Lunch Time Concerts: Music Lovers enjoy a special treat at the Concertgebouw. Lunchtime concerts are held on every Wednesday at the venue. You may need a ticket to enter the hall, which is obtained from the Entrance of the hall from 11.30 am onwards. The ticket is free of cost. The majority of times the classical music is played, but there is always a welcome to the budding artists and their modern music. The gates to the hall open half an hour before the concert and the performances are about 30 minutes duration. The information about the concert is updated on the website a week earlier. 
Address: - Concertgebouwplein 10 1071 LN Amsterdam, The Netherlands Website:   

Free Walking Tour: Amsterdam amazes everyone with its beauty and giveaways. One of the best freebies provided by various touring companies is the free walking tour. It is a two-hour tour, which gives a see through to the historical events and major sights of the city. The tour is led by professional guides who are knowledgeable and proficient in their languages (English, Spanish). The service is totally tip based. Amsterdam Free Tour constitutes of an excursion to the Royal Palace, Old and New Church, Canals and Bridges, Red Light District, Art and Architecture, Golden Age, and Hidden Treasures. 

Exploring along with a learned guide/ local through Amsterdam Tours is one of the best ways to see the Venice of the North. Although Amsterdam is a safe city, but still the Red Light District is one of the areas, which is better traversed with a guide. In spite of this, the hidden secrets, roads less travelled and interesting stories of the locals can only be known with the help of a guide. You must travel to believe what all is written. Get ready and fly to Amsterdam.


Ever since I have come back from our trip, I am not able to forget all the fun that we had during our stay in Amsterdam. The place is full of museums, parks, cheese/beer tasting bars, and dining in places. It is known worldwide for its flexible laws regarding the prostitution and use of marijuana. Amsterdam is also famous for its beautiful houses, gabled facades, rich history, and surprises on every corner of the city. We loved the colorful locales and their ways of putting up. I along with my partner thoroughly enjoyed discovering the captivating Amsterdam.

We explored the city through all available means of transports, some parts of the city by rambling down its narrow streets, some on boat rides of the pleasing canals, and some by hopping on the rented bicycles to explore the left out attractions. I and my partner enjoyed exploring Amsterdam the most by walking on foot. When we got to know about Free walking tour Amsterdam it even added up to the excitement and beauty of our trip.

Right after knowing about it, we set out to gather the respective information. It is a two hours walking tour. The tour is totally free of cost and the only payment is the tip that is given to the guide. The guides are the local residents of the city who are well versed with the history and locations of Amsterdam. They conversed in two languages, English and Spanish. There were two trips in one day. One would start at 11 am and another at 1 pm. We ended up choosing the earlier one.

After registering ourselves for an Amsterdam free tour, we were told to reach at Dam Square, which is next to the Royal Palace, in front of Dam Good Coffee at 11 am. The guide would take us to the scheduled sights that are covered in the free tour in Amsterdam and make us aware of the history and stories related to each of its places.

We were a group of six members. The guide started an Amsterdam free tour from the Royal Palace followed by Old and New Church. The Royal Palace is a visual treat and is an epitome of rich kingship back in the days of the 17th century often referred to as the Dutch Golden Age. We were astonished to see the Oude Kerk or the old church, which was nearly 800-year-old. It is the oldest parish church. The Nieuwe Kerk or the New Church was the construction of the 15th century and was really a great experience.

Next were the prepossessing Canals and Bridges. Every time I used to plan, coming to Amsterdam for vacation, I always contemplated about the beautiful canals and couldn’t believe I was encountering them in person. Their placid nature and awe- inspiring beauty just stole my heart away.

It was Red Light District's turn now. You talk about the Amsterdam and the name of Red Light District will start doing the rounds in your mind. Our guide told us how Prostitution became legal in the city then and how the windows are turning into fancy boutiques and shops nowadays. The coffee shops in this area were also a subject of attraction because of the legal consent of smoking weed. The decor of the cafes were very pretty and refreshing.

Afterward, we got to see the Art and Architecture, Golden Age, and Hidden Treasures of Amsterdam.
Our Amsterdam Tourist Guide was the gem of a person. He was energetic, witty, patient, and knowledgeable. He spoke affluent English and was very much clear in what he was saying. He introduced the history and importance of each of the attraction in the best possible manner. It was an engaging and wonderful experience. It is advisable to have some snacks and water beforehand as the walking tour will last for complete two hours.

It was an amazing day. We would like to visit Amsterdam again.


War is destructive; it causes havoc and brings turmoil to the lives of many, leaving them devastated. One such victim to this awful destruction is the family of Mr. Otto Frank, a German- Jewish businessman, who lost his family in the World War II. Anne Frank, the famous diarist, is the daughter of Otto Frank, who was the only survivor of that holocaust. This is a story, of two year long hiding of two families in a house at Prinsengracht. That house, is now known as the Anne Frank house and is turned into a museum in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank, her family and one more family, stayed at the annex of the house for over 2 years, which is in the Prinsengracht, located at the center of Amsterdam city. The annex's entrance was camouflaged behind a movable bookcase, which was crafted for this particular reason only. The hiding place was known only by the office personnel, through which they supplied food and news of the outer world with eight of them. Sadly, On August 4, 1944, they were caught from the hiding place and were sent to various concentration camps out of, which only Otto Frank stayed alive.

Anne Frank house in Amsterdam is now turned into a museum where, people get insight, of the suffering of those two families who shared such small area for quite a long period. The Anne Frank house tour allows you to have a feel of the atmosphere of that time. Anne's original diary is kept on display within the museum premises. Apart from this, the museum also has historical documents, photographs, images, a film and some other things that belong to the persons in the hideout and their helpers.

Anne Frank house tour tops the list of top things to do while in Amsterdam and you need to buy tickets way more earlier than your planned visit. The demand and supply law is aptly applicable here and the availability of tickets is much less as compared to their availability. It is advised to check the schedule and the availability of online tickets beforehand. Anne Frank house tickets can be bought on the ticket window at the museum entrance. Timings for buying the tickets in person, start from 3.30 PM until its closing.

Since, the tickets are non-returnable and non-transferable; they are valid for that particular date and person for which they are bought. Once you buy the online ticket you can show them on your tablet or Smartphone with the barcode at the museum gate for scanning. You can even take the print out of the Anne Frank house tickets on your own, as well.

Entry ticket price, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

Online ticket: €0.50 surcharge.
Adults: € 9
Age 10-17: € 4,50

Age 0-9: Free

Dutch Museum Card: Free
European Youth Card: € 4,50
Online ticket: €0.50 surcharge.
No discount: Student card or ISIC.
No free entry: I Amsterdam City Card.
Any person who is holding either a Dutch Museum or European Youth Card (CJP), can reserve a date/time slot online, or join the queue after 3:30 PM to visit Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam.
Schedule with timings for Year 2016.

  • 1st January: Opened ­- 12 PM to 7 PM
  • 4th May: Opened - 8:30 AM to 7 PM
  • 11th October: Opened - 9 AM to 7 PM
  • 12th October, 2016: Closed - Yom Kippur.
  • 5th November: Opened - 9 AM to 6 PM (Amsterdam Museum Night)
  • 25th December: Opened - 12 PM to 5 PM
  • 31st December: Opened - 9 PM to 5 PM

If you happen to be an early bird, then this is the golden chance for you to beat the idea of standing in long and tiring queues as you can wake up early in the morning and get at the location much earlier. While visiting the Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam, Children of age upto 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Visitors up to 17 years old ought to carry a valid ID card along, as they, can be asked to show it at the entrance.


Everyone in families is leading a busy life. Head of the family is busy earning a living, whereas children are busy with the school, assignments and projects and mothers, they are busy with managing and keeping all of them tied with at least one meal of the day. In between all this hustle-bustle, there is an absence of some fun, warmth and chemistry, which should be present in family member's of every family. Well, the reason behind this, is clear and that's because lack of spending time with each other. Do you remember when was the last time you took a break from work and took your family out for a vacation?

Well, answer to the above question will surely be no. If you can't recall your last city break then this is the right time for planning a holiday. One of the best places, e.g. capital of Dutch i.e. Amsterdam can be taken into consideration. You can plan a small excursion, a long weekend or a week-long trip to this resplendent tourist spot. Jaw-dropping beautiful, Amsterdam Attractions make your eyes pop with wonder.

This place has something for everyone in the family. Amsterdam Attractions accounts to profuse tourist spots such as museums, scintillating coffee shops, rustic cafes at the distance of every 50 ft, canals spread across the city, picturesque views and what not.


There is a plethora of museums serving the purpose of Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam and making city all the way more interesting and heritage rich. To begin with, Rijks Museum is a famous Dutch National Museum and is largest in the country.  The museum showcases 8,000 objects of art and history. Next in the queue, is the famous Van Gogh museum exhibiting the paintings and drawings of Vincent Van Gogh. It is an Art Museum and renowned for its collection that is largest in the world. The Rembrandt House Museum is an addition to the art museums and is a historic house. Noted painter, Rembrandt lived and worked in that house between 1639 and 1656. Holocaust Museum or Jewish Historical Museum is well known for its zeal to make people aware of Rich culture, religious customs and long history of the Jewish people.

Coffeeshops and Cafe's

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, especially when the coffee shops are so adorable and are located near the canals. These rambling coffee shops are most happening Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam. You must stop by to taste the aromatic Dutch coffees or for the pickup supplies. If In case, you are a weed lover then you are at the right place. Some coffee shops also deal in cannabis, the sale of, which is legal in this city.

Those who don't sell weed are known as cafes. Coffee shops must not be confused as cafes. The tourists enjoy visiting these fancy bars and these are a powerful instrument of Top Attractions in Amsterdam. Cafe's here are heaven for jazz music lovers and rustic cozy furniture. Tourists must visit one of many brown cafes in the city for its exotic range of cocktails and nicotine stained walls.

Canal cruising:

Amsterdam is a city of canals. They look mesmerizing in the moonlight and hence, are the Top Attractions of Amsterdam. There are a total of 165 canals and countless bridges that make convenient to get across the city. If we talk about safety, potent waterways act as both- border to certain areas in the city and natural barrier to the sea. Photography being the most important part of any trip, you must pay a visit to the most picturesque, Prinsengracht Canal. It will be a treat to visit the banks of the canal, which may get you a chance to capture the most colorful, lovingly looked after and tastefully, decorated houseboats in Amsterdam tourist attractions. Photographs are the memories that we capture in our cameras, so it is always better to be a little choosy when it comes to the locations.

Not only above mentioned places, but there are a lot more Amsterdam tourist attractions, which are tempting too. You must take some time out and visit this place for a loved up break. This is a city of love and rightly said as the Venice of North.


Love is there, where your partner is. Got confused?

Well, it is intact in each of your hearts when you are alone. You don't need to isolate yourself from the rest of the world to be at a better place with each other. You can explore your romantic side being in any part of the world because good vacationing destinations are present everywhere. If there's a place which must be explored for its unquestionable beauty and ambience then, definitely it is, Amsterdam, also known as "The Venice of North".

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is known worldwide for its artistic heritage and 17th-century Golden Age. Narrow houses look amazing with gabled facades. Cruising the canals and riding on bicycles are considered as one of the most Romantic things to do in Amsterdam because of the presence of elaborate canal system and innumerable bike paths.

Let us get handy with the information about the Romantic things to do in Amsterdam, the city beautiful.

Canal Cruising 

This heritage rich city is better explored through boats or cruising. You can cram into the boats waiting down the line or charter your own boat. Hiring a personal boat is definitely a better option as there will be no interruptions and you can enjoy the alone time.

Moonlit Walk

Heard of fairy tales? Dreamt of being at one of the places? Amsterdam romantic things include a moonlit walk across the canal belt to fulfil all your fairytale dreams. Twinkling lights under the starry sky, ambling through nicely built roads, looks breathtaking. It is a perfect place for a couple to take a walk, hand-in-hand with each other.

Bloom it up with flowers

Amsterdam romantic things account for one more such essential dating element that has no comparison with any other gift and i.e. Flowers. Amsterdam is famous for its flower market namely, bloemenmarkt. All types of scented, ornamental and decorative flowers are available at reasonable prices.

Bicycle Ride 

Bicycle riding is the key character of the Amsterdam city and there are innumerable bike paths to ride on. You can enjoy the scenic beauty along the canals.

Fresh Cut Diamonds 

Diamonds are known to be the woman's best friends. Without any qualms, Romantic things Amsterdam include buying a diamond and taking her to see the cutting, polishing and finishing process of diamonds.


All that you want for a chilled out evening is a cozy, chick and cool place for having cocktails. Amsterdam is famous for such laid back spots which have proliferated in the recent past.

The Magere Brug / The Skinny Bridge

The Magere Brug leaves you with an eerie feeling after. It is believed that if you kiss your partner on the Skinny Bridge, then you will stay together forever. It seems like Amsterdam romantic things have a lot in its bag for its tourists.


Picnic is always a safe bet. Go out and enjoy with your special one in the park. Capture some picture perfect moments away from the hustle- bustle of everyday lives.

Amsterdam Street Markets

Shopping is a great idea to make your spouse happy. Go out on the Amsterdam's street markets and buy some local goods. Markets stay closed on Sunday.

Adorable Coffee Shops 

Amsterdam has some adorable coffee shops paying a visit to which cannot be missed. Sipping coffee after a bike ride with the romantic ambience and your partner by side is amazing.


Awestruck beauty, rich heritage, gabled houses, world's first floating flower market, canal cruising and the list goes on and on. By now, name of the place must already be clear. Yes, it's Amsterdam. Apart from all these, it is famous for one more reason and i.e. it's legalised prostitution centre, popularly named as De Wallen or De Walletjes.

The most popular, legal and large prostitution centre in Europe is the Red Light District Amsterdam. Prostitutes, from behind the glass door or window, offer their sexual services which are lit with red lights as this colour of lights is associated with brothels. These are rented one room cabins, which are approximately three hundred in number. RDL is always bustled up with the tourists and it is advised not to explore it alone rather in groups or with companions. You might get a bad experience with any sleazy character.

Various safety measures are taken into account for both the sex workers and the visitors in Red Light district Amsterdam. The existing laws are enforced by the police, the municipal health authorities and the urban district council. It is strictly banned to take photograph of women. Also, Police remains vigilant as to ensure that no minor or not any of the illegal aliens are working as prostitutes. Business may suffer the eventual closure if noncompliance of the laws is practiced. Safety measures for visitors include 24*7 video surveillance of most of the parts of that area in order to keep their belongings and valuables safe from the pick pockets.

Apart from brothels and sex workers in red - lit rooms, Red Light District Amsterdam has a number of peep shows, elaborate condom shops, sex shops, world's first sex museum, and Erotic museum.  A souvenir must be bought as a token of remembrance back home and for that erotic museum is the best place to be visited.  There is shop where it can be bought. There are a number of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and artwork that which can be seen in this museum.

Apart from this, Amsterdam's Red light District also has some beautiful coffee shops. The coffee shops have a very comforting and adorable decor, where a pot of coffee can be enjoyed along loved ones. Some of the coffee shops also sell more something to it and i.e. Marijuana. Those who sell weed has a sticker pasted on the window or the main door, which is a half green and a half white flag, indicating that  you can get something more than just a coffee. Not everyone sells the same, some only sell coffee and some sell both.

Walk 50-60 ft away on Amsterdam's Red light District and you will stumble upon a fantastic and a cosy bar or a cafe. People here are lovers of jazz music. Nothing make visitors feel happy than a beer pitcher, loud music and a special one beside, in an artistically designed place to chill out. There is an ample of microbreweries and various tasting rooms around the city. Serious beer lovers are catered by an on sight distillation of Dutch beer and a warm welcome by the extremely loving people.

After exploring Cafe's and Coffee shops how can we forget about shopping? Endeavour the bargain hunting for clothing line and other Fashion related accessories in this area. It holds great importance because many windows of the prostitutes that used to work as sex workers have been converted into exhibition studios and spaces to showcase the works of various streets wear talented designers. Shoes and clothing topped the list. Another site which can't be missed is the Oudezijds Armsteeg in Amsterdam's Red light District.  Here there are six houses, which are restored because of its beauty and Delft blue appearance.

There is a bronze monument of a prostitute standing right in the centre of the RDL. The statue indicates that prostitute is waiting for the customer. They should be respected for working just like any other occupation and their rights protected. In the end, we shall learn that Amsterdam is a city of love. People fall in love with its beauty and want to come here over and again.